Nodus CD-Key Manager


Keep your CD and DVD keys safe


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Nodus CD-Key Manager is a simple application that lets you store the keys provided by software manufacturers to protect their creations.

The program lets you store both the disc id and the key assigned to it.

It includes a keyboard shortcut that lets you paste the key directly into the application that needs it. The default keys it comes with are Ctrl + Alt + V.

The number of keys you can store is unlimited. If you don’t find one on the list, use the search engine.

Another interesting feature is the ability to export the list of keys to a text document or dat file. The file will then show the disc name followed by its key.

You can also import files of keys, although they will have to be in the same format used by the program.

A welcome message that appears once a week invites you to donate ten dollars to the program’s author.

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